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Winter Swimming World Championships, Lapland, Finland - March 2014


The Winter Swimming World Championships have only been in existence for less than a decade and have taken place in a number of European countries. Most of the time it involves several chainsaws used to cut out a “swimming pool” in a frozen river. Wetsuits are forbidden and events range from 25 metres breaststroke to the endurance event of 450 metres. Typical water temperature is 0° Celsius or colder (salt water river) and -10° C air temperature. I will be taking part in the endurance event.


Catalina Channel, Los Angeles, California - July 2014


The Catalina Channel will be my third Channel crossing in the prestigious Ocean's Seven challenge. It involves swimming 22 miles from Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. The swim will start at midnight and should finish around 15 hours later. So far only 4 people have completed all 7 of the major Channel swims around the world. 


Robben Island to Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town, South Africa - December 2014


December will be my second swim from Robben Island. In February 2012 I managed the 7km swim from the Island to Blouberg Beach in 2 hours and 30 minutes. This year I will be swimming a little longer, 10.2km to Three Anchor Bay close to the Cape Town Waterfront with the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association.

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